Tightly conceived and smoothly choreographed sci-fi fantasy. Higher aspects of human nature.

RECOMMENDED, The US Review of Books

Shamans fight the shadows within people’s hearts, manifested as reenactments of ancient battles. Exciting, fast-moving.

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Before it's too late

Time portal

Never has our past been more important to who we are. And this importance grows with every moment we fail to bring the past into the light. In Exo, it is the duty of the shamans to protect and heal time.


"War is a huge part of mankind's history. We endlessly resort to this out of hate, misery and ignorance." Once a warrior, one always carries that flaw inside. Man must find his way out of it. And Exo holds the key.


The infinity of space. So wonderful, matched only by the boundlessness of microscopic matter. Then there's mind and consciousness. "The depths of the mind, unfortunately, are subtle and too much of a riddle, but anything else can be studied."

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